Monday, February 22, 2010

My latest Value Proposition...

Would you like to further leverage your midrange computer system(s)?

As a Programmer/Analyst I enhanced processes, made them more efficient and further leveraged the iSeries (AS/400) system by adding utility through analysis and programming. Following are just a few examples:
* Increased efficiency 50% of a heavily used process, to just 4 hours versus overnight, by reprogramming the logic.
* Saved over 500 reams of paper annually and streamlined delivery of reports by converting hardcopy to email.
* Freed up 100 plus programmer hours annually for billable work by developing a custom ETL utility.

Your organization can achieve these kinds of results for their technology with me on your staff. My salary expectations of $75k plus annually would be offset by the benefit I bring to your organization.

If you are interested in these kinds of results, contact me to discuss our mutual opportunities.


Daniel Volkmann

PS. My website contains a portfolio with further details and more examples.

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